Q: Do bands/musicians come with sound and stage light systems, or do I need to handle that sort of thing?
A: Most local and regional groups come eqiupped with that stuff, which is generally called "production."  World Famous Productions will let you know which groups travel with sound and/or lights, and we arrange for it for those groups that do not supply it.

Q: What else do I need to provide for the band?

A: It varies from group to group, but you'll usually need to insure that the band has a shelter, a stage, adequete electrical service, food and drinks.

Q: Why do we have to feed the band? After all, my boss doesn't buy me lunch every day.
A: Performances amount to very long days for bands, and they often cannot leave the venue to grab a bite.  Wedding receptions that begin at 5:00 in the afternooon, for example, require the band to begin moving equipment into the venue at about noon.  If the reception goes until 11:00, the band will not finish tearing down and loading out until about 1:00 AM.  That's 14 hours at the gig, spanning at least 2 meal times.  Musicians often come prepared with Power Bars or sandwiches for lunch, but they need some sort of square meal for dinner.  Since a vast majority of these engagements are already catered, it's not difficult or expensive to have the cook whip up something for the band.  They're accustomed to that sort of thing.

Q: I want to go big.  What will it take to get my favorite band (i.e. Blues Traveler) to play at my block party?

A: For starters, you'll definitely want World Famous Productions in your corner.  There are MANY facets to a large-scale concert, and the most efficient way to do this successsfully is to have us mind those details.  In addition to the artists's fees, you'll need:
     -a large stage, and a crew to construct it
     -a monsterous sound system, with several engineers
     -large-scale stage lighting system, with operators
     -electrical generators
     -event security
     -waste disposal and toilet facilities
     -event/noise permits
     -police/EMT services
     -hotel rooms for the band and crew (in the case of Blues Traveler, probably about 15-20 rooms)
     -backstage hospitality (translation: snacks and booze, LOTS  OF IT!)
     -flights for the band and crew (around 15 for Blues Traveler)
     -ground transportation for the band and crew
     -amplifiers, instruments, etc. (they can't check drum sets, amplifiers, etc. onto airplanes), and a crew to set it all up
     -liability insurance
Of course, World Famous Productions handles all of this for you!

Q: Wow! That seems like a HUGE hassle.  It also sounds very expensive.  Do I need to be concerned about all of that for my retirement party, with a regional band and only about 50 guests?
A: No.  Bands that play lots of private events are set up to handle that sort of thing.  They usually come self contained.  If they have to travel, they may require a few hotel rooms, but that's probably the extent of it.

Q: I see that your "Featured Bands" have a range of typical prices, not a single, standard fee.  What determines the band's price?
A: Mostly, it's a matter of time of the year, day of the week, and travel requirements.  For example, most Jackson Hole- based bands get 5-10 inquiries for each Saturday in June, July, and August.  If you are loking for one of thos dates, you probably will not get a discount.  If you want to do something on a Tuesday in April, however, you can probably negotiate a great deal.  If you need the band to travel 500 miles for your event, you'll probably pay a bit more for that, too.

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